Hello, I'm Chiara Covone.


I've always had so many ideas in my life, but I struggled to give them space with the full agenda between work & family. Everything changed when I started working on my mindset and realized that I did not have to choose between career and family and I now supervise my mind and beliefs to serve me, not to hold me back.

My Story


From traveling the world to climbing the corporate ladder, launching exciting new successful products and disruptive entire industries, I took every change to have an amazing life before getting married.


When I decided to make family a priority, I thought I needed to bite the bullet and give up on my ambitions. It turns out I just needed to manage my mind. Now I'm sharing my knowledge and helping others be the architects of their fulfilling and rich life through virtual individual and group coaching programs.


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Gift to Future Self

Dance is an activity that gets your body moving and your heart pumping. It is only natural that the two would come together for a fun and effective workout. 

Time is an Illusion

My brand new training program has just launched, and it has something for everyone! Whether you’re an advanced dancer or a total beginner, you’ll have fun and learn something new. 

Symptoms of Lack of Persistence

Finding a workout routine that excites you is the best place to start, but here are 4 other daily habits that will keep you motivated to reach your goals. 

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