Are you tired of dreaming and wanting. And are you ready to take inspired and effective action to achieve your results? 

Then this masterclass is for you. 45 min of your time to learn the key 3 steps to achieve any goal.

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Why You Procrastinate

Why you procrastinate and how you can instill a pattern that progresses you with enthusiasm towards your goal.

3 Steps To Reach Any Goal

No matter if you want to lose 8 kg, get the next promotion or write a book, these steps will transform how you approach and reach your goal.

5 Min Morning Power Formula

The secret sauce that has helped hundreds to stay focused, committed and on track towards your goal!

Elisa Ferri

"Chiara really knows how to help her clients overcome the obstacles that we think are in the way, and she has been instrumental in making me achieve my dream job and enjoying the journey like I never thought it was possible!"

Letter from Chiara


I am so delighted you took some time to come my site.

I am Chiara, an Executive Coach, certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a former senior executive of a FTSE100 company.

I know there is a lot of buzz out there around productivity and staying focused and procrastination. So why do I think you want to listen to me?

My passion is to help my clients be fulfilled and self-actualized. I see so many of my clients wanting to achieve big goals, typically go all in on their goals only to get overwhelmed and burnout quickly.

And then beating themselves up for not achieving what they meant to.

This is why I have put together this masterclass: I want to share with you some important key pillars I have applied successfully with my clients and that will make you look at your dreams and wants with very different eyes.

I want to help you translate your dreams into reality.

I am a goal achiever, and you can be one too.

When you learn the keys to overcoming your current mindset, you free yourself to go after your dreams unapologetically.

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The 3 Steps to Achieve Any Goal.

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